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Beckham Class

Foundation Stage Teacher - Miss Kelderis    

Teaching Assistants - Mrs. Sillience


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Literacy Activities

Numeracy Activities

This term in numeracy we will be:

  • Counting, recognising, ordering, and representing numbers.

  • Carrying out practical addition and subtraction and exploring ways to record calculations.

  • Solving farm animal problems by:

  • Doubling, halving and making sets

  • Weighing

  • Exploring capacity and volume

  • Using money

This term our theme is ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.

During our topic sessions we will be:

  • Making comparisons between farms in the UK and farms in New Zealand

  • Creating a timeline looking at the history of farming

  • Planning and carrying out a science investigation about living things and their environment

  • Building farmyards using a range of materials

  • Painting farm animals in the style of an artist

  • Using our voices to create chants and rhymes in music

Our topic this term is 'Let's Perform'.

Topic Activities

Our literacy this term will link in with our topic theme.

We will be:

  • Writing riddles about farm animals

  • Looking at the features of non-fiction texts

  • Identifying rhyming words in stories

  • Sequencing an event e.g. our trip

  • Taking part in debates about our favourite animals

  • Writing instructions for looking after animals


Monkshill Farm