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Raleigh Class

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Year 6 Teacher - Mrs. Blackwell

Teaching assistant - Mrs. Mennell


IPC - Topic

Our topic this term is 'Building a Village'.

This term, the Year 6 topic will be ‘Building a Village.’ Pupils will investigate the components of a village, including human and physical features. Following this, they will create their own maps and build a village in design technology.


In English, Year 6 are going to be:

- Identifying features of instructions.

- Recognising the target audience for a range of instructions.

- Writing their own set of instructions to build a village.


In poetry, pupils will:

- Compare different poetry styles.

- Completing a narrative poem based on a fable.


In Maths, pupils will be:

- Reading and constructing their own graphs.

- Investigating fractions of quantities.

- Converting metric measurements and imperial.


In Science, we shall be naming the different components that can make a circuit, and using this knowledge to construct our own. Year 6 will also investigate conductors and insulators, when building their circuits.

build a village