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Year 6 Teacher - Miss Cooper

Teaching assistant - Mrs. Mennell


The big idea

Topic Activities



Our topic this term is '3D Designers'.

We live, work and play in and around all sorts of structures, but have you ever stopped to think about how these buildings are created? Throughout history great structures have been designed using only paper and drawing tools. But times have changed, and computers have transformed the work of architects and engineers. In this unit we’ll be using ICT and computing to find out how.

In ICT we’ll be finding out:

How to create and manipulate 3D models using a range of tools

How people use ICT professionally in their jobs and for leisure purposes

How to conduct a successful internet search and be discerning in evaluating whether the results are reliable

How to share information that we have discovered through collaborating and communicating with others online

How to use and combine a variety of software to present data and information, with an awareness of the intended audience

How to design and write computer programs using sequences of instructions and variables, inputs and outputs.

How to use logical reasoning to debug algorithms and explain how they work


In International, we’ll be finding out:

What our home countries look like from space and how to use technology to view the towns and streets where we live

How to use digital technology to find out more about other countries and make comparisons with our own

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