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  • Intrahouse and interschool competitions

  • Specialised days to develop Literacy and Numeracy skills through sport

  • Sports equipment to improve the quality of P.E and sport

Sports Funding




PE and Sport Funding

Sporting Achievement

Since September 2013, each school's receive extra sports funding through the PE and Sports funding grant. In our school this will amount to £8,900 and we intend to use it in several ways to support the development of Physical Education in our school.


Hiring specialist sports teachers will ensure the high delivery of quality PE lessons across the school.


We will also increase and improve the extra curricular school provision, by putting on more sports related clubs.


At The Canterbury Primary School, we are directing the funding to support the following planned interventions:

  • Attitude to learning is recognised and rewarded in assemblies.

  • Sports day.

  • Swimming Gala.

  • Swimming lessons.

  • Gymnastics sports pyramid (class, talents lessons and elite club provision)

  • Tennis sports pyramid (class, talents lessons and elite club provision).

  • G&TPE provision including fundamental movement training.

  • 53% of students attending clubs.

  • Sports Crew and play leaders established to improve pupil voicing body influence on the schools ethos.

  • Working with Canterbury Academy sixth form to improve play times and the sports the students can access.

  • National Curriculum assessments are tracked and QA'd by specialist staff.

  • Involvement in more Level 1 and 2 competitions (School Sports Partnership competitions).

  • 'Change 4 life' club accessing 20 - 25 students so far this year to improve health and well being of students.

Provision offered outside of the funding

  • Forged links with Canterbury High School regarding improving sport and PE at the Primary School.

  • Club links with 10 local clubs to allow students to access more sport.

  • Established house system to build on ethos of the school.

  • Transport to swimming and other sporting activities including fixtures.

  • Cycling proficiency from external company.

  • Leadership is recognised and rewarded within assemblies.

  • Extra curricular clubs

  • Specialist coaching

  • Specialist PE teaching

  • Equipment

  • CPD for all staff (Formal and informal lesson observations)

We have entered competitions in:

Gymnastics, Football, Dodgeball, Basketball, Infant agility, Speed stacking and Badminton

2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017

The impact

As a result of the recent Sports Premium, we measure the impact by:

1. Monitoring and evaluating the quality of PE throughout the school.

2. Assessments of pupils to highlight progress in physical development.

3. Pupil voice.

4. Increase in pupil participation in PE/sport.


From our registers in 2014-2015 67% of children were accessing after school sports/ PE sessions.

Our registers for 2015-2016 show that 71% of our children accessed after school sports/PE sessions.

Our Wednesday Lunchtime Active sessions are particularly targeted at those children not otherwise engaged (encouraged and monitored by the welfare staff/ specialist coach). From the Summer Term of 2016, the sports coach was employed to run sports skills and mini-competitions before and after school. Due to this, we are able to engage 100% of children participating in extra-curricular sports activities.

In addition, all Key Stage 2 children also participate in a weekly 45 minute swimming session one term a year.


To help recieve the 'gold' sports mark, 20% of our children were involved in sports leadership in 2014/15. By the end of 2015/16, this has stayed the same at 20% of children.